Welcome to Eco Greater Melawati

Society of Eco Greater Melawati (EGM) was formed from the ROL-POP initiative programme to start organising the community of Greater Melawati as one unit so that we can tackle all the issues we are facing as one unit. The idea behind EGM, which stems from ROL-POP, is that we come together as a community to clean up our river and clean up Melawati.

EGM are working on forging a closer working relationship between homeowners, residents and Business owners in Greater Melawati for a common cause of keeping the River Kelang (which runs through Taman Melawati and Kg Kemensah) and ultimately our environment clean and free from pollution.

EGM are already working on fostering a close working relationship with Jabatan Parit dan Sungei (JPS) and through them we will be engaging with MPAJ, River Task Force, IWK, Sime Darby and many more whom we deem necessary to work with

We believe if we can work as part of a larger community action group, with common interests and concerns we can get a lot more done and consistently.


Greater Melawati Includes:
  • Taman Melawati
  • Kemensah Heights
  • Ulu Kemensah
  • Kg Kemensah
  • Taman Zoo View
  • Zoo Negara
  • Bukit Tabur
  • Taman Warisan
  • Klang Gates Dam and reservoir


Used with permission from http://www.myrol.my - (a Department of Irrigation and Drainage Malaysia initiated programme)